Your one-stop shop
for external data

Easily find and buy the data you need.
Efficiently promote and sell your data products.

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Expand your ecosystem.

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Reduce compliance issues and
contracting hurdles.

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Optimize your costs.

According to Forrester
in its “Digital is driving the next generation of data marketplaces” study :



of decision makers say their
firms need to increase use of
external data sources.



of professionals find
external data difficult
to acquire.

It's time to ease access
to valuable data.

We facilitate relationships between large companies needing
high-quality data and the growing ecosystem of data providers

Discover Starzdata solution benefits

For data provider
For data user

Data aggregators, research companies, alternative data providers, SaaS providers,
open data platforms, public opinion specialists, news aggregators, research institutes

Starzdata helps you become
more visible from data users

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Grow your sales through a complementary revenue engine
  • Grow your notoriety and make your data offering known to non-customers at no cost
  • Gain additional insight on missed sales, customers’ requests and unaddressed needs
  • Benefit from the help of our team of experts to identify new use cases for your data and position your offering with relevant users
  • No fees charged if you do not sell more than today
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Improve customer satisfaction
  • Allow for your products to be found easily via our unified search engine and bought more conveniently through a facilitated purchasing process
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Strengthen the enforcement of your Terms & Conditions
  • Terms & Conditions key points automatically pushed to the data users with the downloaded content for an enhanced awareness
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Boost your profit
  • Focus your direct sales effort on Tier-1 customers
  • Optimize your costs thanks to our partly automated contracting process

Large corporates and professional services companies

Enhance your visibility over the data providers
ecosystem and your data consumption

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A powerful search engine to
efficiently find the data you need
  • Unified search across the database with hierarchized and filtered results
  • Access the data offering of your usual data providers ecosystem as well as other relevant providers which you may not know yet
  • Supplemented with data experts available on call
icon of user experience
A seamless user experience
  • No password (authentication managed through your usual SSO system)
  • Simple access & expenditure approval system
  • Easy payment modes (incl. credit cards) and connection with expenses management system
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Enhanced visibility, control & compliance
  • 360° visibility on consumption, continuous monitoring of usages and expenditures
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Cost optimization
  • Pooling of access rights between departments
  • Time currently wasted through inefficient search and purchasing processes can be re-affected to value creation
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